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Geofought Molo5 72v 50ah 10,000w Hyper Scooter

Geofought Molo5 72v 50ah 10,000w Hyper Scooter

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Delivery estimate is 8 to 12 weeks from order date. (Delivery may take longer, there has been a couple orders that were delayed by US Customs inspections, will not cancel order or provide a refund for this kind of delay.)

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Products Description
Geofought molo5 72V, 10000w dual motor, 50ah Battery Hyper Scooter with 14 in tires
geofought fast escooter adult 13/14 inch wide wheel dual motor folding electric scooter adult
IP 65
Seat Height 27in
Weight 176 lbs
72V 10000W
72V 10000W speed: About 55mph
50ah battery with range of 62-75mile
Shock absorption
Front hydraulic oil damping + rear double spring damping
Front and rear CNC oil brake
Tire size
13/14 lnch (Tubeless)
Maximum load
about 600-660 Lbs
Display Features
NFC with APP connect to Phone

Reinforced iron + aluminum alloy
Charging time
Standard 2x 2A charger / Dual charging port in the scooter

Central Controlling System
1.Password unlock/NFC card or moblie NFC sensing
2.WIth APP and bluetooth connect to moblie phone
3.With energy regeneration(0-10 levels adjustable)
4.Energy output(0%-100% adjustable)
5.With pushing mode, convenient when get a flat tire
6.Can use front motor only or rear motor only and dual motor
7.With three driving modes(COMFORT/SPORT/ECO PRO)
Independent on/off control of acrylic LED pedal lights

1. Twist throttle responsive no delay
2. Assistant control button, easy to operate

with super wide clamp,
Super stable to ride

With removable battery ,Better water resistance

with storage space at the rear, More convenient

With super big brake caliper
1、More responsive braking. Shorter braking distance.
2、More wear resistant, longer brake pad life

Use of waterproof cable,quick play and plug

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